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the Confused's writing journal

21 February
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Writing journal. Mostly about gorgeous and talented Korean boys (see photo on the left for the PERFECT example).

The Author
Mrs. Jung YunHo. Twenty-something (yes, a nuna fan and proud of it). I'm a moody writer in that I CANNOT write anything when I'm not in the mood for it. I also design stuff, but since I've started writing again, I seem to have lost my touch in designing. I write mostly hetfics, OC features (TVXQ+OC, OC+OC, otherartists+OC) and recently, OT5. If you're not a fan of hetfics, ye have been warned.

Skyescraps is a public journal, and I receive comments freely. However, I'm quite sensitive to tactless negative remarks, so please spare me the heartbreak. If you have something to say about the works posted here, negative or otherwise, please be kind. I'm not one to bash your works anyway.

~Thank You~
To my JJAngel, miyun, for being my friend and always overwhelming me with your talent. The other half of RiChun, ianinna, for pressuring me to write and writing beautiful YunRae for me. Soul sister rejche, for simply being there for me all the time.

To the people who stop to read my work, thank you. And to those who leave their marks on my pages, double thanks to you. TVXQ, you are love. U-Know YunHo, you're my muse. Heaven bless.

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